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The Grafs of Arran Towers.

by Grahame Reynolds

After a skateboarding accident in his local car park, Arran Towers, young Ben Lewis discovers that the Car Park is inhabited by more than just the attendant (Higgs) and his dog (Tripod). There exists another incredible world of characters - the GRAFS! When he and Higgs discover a plan to destroy the Towers, the secretive and wonderful world of the GRAFS will be destroyed forever. They MUST escape, before it is too late and Ben and Higgs have little time to set them free. Will they succeed? Join Ben on his journey of discovery to find out if he can help them survive the explosive ending!

Designed, drawn, coloured on a Wacom Cintiq



Activity Books (Hobby Town Activity Book Series) 

hobbytown activity childrens bookshobbytown activity childrens books
hobbytown activity childrens bookshobbytown activity childrens books



One woman's work... and other disasters.

by Ruth Jennings

Funny things happen when you are working on a cruise ship, and when you are teaching, or doing market research, or working on a local newspaper. Funny things happen too when you are building your own house – though you don't always see the funny side of them at the time. If you have ever juggled children and work, or taken a job just because it was there, or because it seemed a good idea at the time, you will empathise with the author. Though perhaps you would have drawn the line at sausage tasting, cardboard folding, or knitting fingerless gloves

Designed, drawn, coloured on a Wacom Cintiq

One woman's work and other disasters book illustration



James Blond Stockport is too much by Terry Ravenscroft
Available from Amazon
After foiling the plans of countless power-hungry villains bent on world domination the bringing to book of the evil Dr Goldnojaws, who only wants to dominate Stockport, should present no problem for top secret agent James Blond. However in addition to taking on Goldnojaws and his evil sidekick BloJob, Blond has to wrestle with a prostate problem, so things aren’t quite as straightforward as he would have liked. Then to make matters worse he starts having girlfriend trouble....with Pisa Vass, amongst others.

Designed, drawn, coloured on a Wacom Cintiq
not the sexiest cartoon design but very eye catching !



Inflatable Hugh by Terry Ravenscroft
For Govenment Minister Hugh Pugh the future is bleak. Sure to lose his seat at the forthcoming General Election, with a consequent huge cut in earnings, he fears for his future. Then he inherits an inflatable rubber woman factory... .

This book illustration was designed and created on a wacom cintiq.
A cartoon character crossed between Andrew Lloyd Webber and Les Patterson.

Inflatable Hugh by Terry Ravenscroft book cover illustration



Dear Air 2000 by Terry Ravenscroft
A collection of genuine letters from Terry to airline companies
and their amazing responses. Absolutely Hilarious !
Terry wanted the characters from his letters actually in the cabin as passengers
and what a bunch of characters they were, great fun to draw !

Dear Air 2000 book cover




Football Crazy by Terry Ravenscroft
A tale of football, sex, madness, violence, and more sex. Chaotically funny!
I developed most of the characters seperately then scanned and adjusted positions
then traced and inked onto the final piece. I used watercolour pencils mostly
and used photoshop for the text.

Football Crazy book cover



Captain's Day by Terry Ravenscroft
A tale of birdies, bogies, bunkers, bunk-ups, bereavement and bad language.
I developed most of the characters seperately as before.
There were a few adjustments along the way like making the main character
more mean, well he really was a mean bugger !
This whole piece was produced in photoshop.

Captain's Day book cover