I'm Tony Colligan (T.C.), working as a freelance illustrator providing 
humorous caricatures or cartoon portraits for personal gifts and commercial use.
 I live in Brown Edge, Staffordshire and drawing has always been a passion of mine throughout my life and especially cartoon figures and caricatures.

My Caricatures or Cartoon Portraits are usually A3 size,(16.5 inches x 11.5 inches)

They are drawn and digitally painted on a monitor/graphics tablet.

Take a look at the examples page.

All you need to provide is a clear full face photo and a description of what you would like included in the picture. You can order by e-mail or post, whichever you prefer.
  I can mail the caricatures within a week.


So if you know someone with a sense of humour  who  would appreciate a funny cartoon and has something to celebrate, for example somebody who's getting married....retiring....mad on sport ....passed their test....then take a look here... for an original gift idea!